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How to help your preschool child in The Woodlands explore and share his thoughts, feelings and ideas

Posted on 06-23-2014


A child at a young age cannot always easily communicate his feelings as he is still learning about emotions and does not have the vocabulary to express himself. This can often lead to frustration for both the child and the parent. Teaching a child how to express thoughts and feelings is important as it helps them maintain a healthy emotional balance.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of The Woodlands we have been running a successful child care academy for many years. Our teaching philosophy has been centralized around our “Hug First, Then Teach” mantra, which involves emotional development and encouragement. We building the foundation for the child to grow and express himself in an open and safe environment.

We have compiled a list of useful tips below on how to help your child to express his thoughts and feelings.

Label each feeling

Label each feeling that your child tries to express. This will teach your child to know each emotion and to learn the vocabulary of emotions. For example:

  • If your child is laughing, then say “happy”
  • If your child is crying, then say “sad”
  • If your child is frowning, then say “upset”

You should help your child relate the word to the facial expression and the emotion. You can show him by your example for each emotion. Talk with your child about any and all emotions so that they will be able to express them openly, and know how to talk about them.

Be a good role model

Be a good role model when expressing your own feelings by making sure to use facial expressions that go with the emotion and by communicating your emotions in clear and gentle language. This way your child will learn to mimic you first and then to eventually relate your emotions to his own. An emotionally balanced child who is allowed to express himself will grow up to be a confident and happy adult.

For more information on our child care services in The Woodlands, contact us or visit our facility.

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