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The Woodlands Child Care: How you can promote brain development through play and nurture

Posted on 11-06-2014 | James Reece

child_care_the_woodlands_txPromoting early brain development in a child is a priority for most parents and there are many things a parent can do at home that will have a significant impact on this growth.

  • Respond quickly and positively to your infant: This fosters a relationship of trust between you and your child, trust that is vital to the learning process. Your touch, facial expressions, tone of voice and behavior all teach your child about relationships, security and trust.
  • Engage the senses: To your child’s developing brain, the five senses are especially important for learning. Engaging each of the senses activates brain cells, which builds neural connections that will later support academic learning. Try varying your activities to bring all of your child’s senses into play. A good way to bond with your infant while stimulating the senses in a gentle, calming way is to participate in an infant massage class.
  • Avoid overstimulation: Fussing, looking away and refusing to focus or engage are all signs that your child may be feeling overstimulated. This can lead to frustration, crying and tantrums, since infants are unable to process stress effectively. A child needs soothing in a quiet, uncluttered environment.
  • Playtime is a priority: For infants, every moment of playtime is an effective learning experience. For newborns, playing is as simple as cuddling or hearing a story or lullaby. For older infants, playtime can involve music, dancing, age-appropriate toys and interaction with peers.
  • Repetition: By repeatedly showing your child how to play, new skills can be learned. Demonstrating how to stack blocks, how to kiss a teddy bear or how to turn pages provides your child tools needed to refine cognitive, language, motor and socio-emotional skills.

If you are looking for a child care facility that shares your priorities for early childhood development, consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of The Woodlands. Our highly recognized Brain Waves™ Curriculum ensures that your child receives optimal stimulation. With fun developmental activities, a dedicated staff and a state-of-the-art facility, we offer your child an exceptional start in life. For more information, contact us today.

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