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The Woodlands Day care: Child brain growth and learning

Posted on 02-06-2015

Your child’s brain begins to grow before birth. At around ten weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s brain is forging new pathways of information preparing him or her for the world. Once born, this growth does not stop; your child’s brain is still growing, learning new information, functioning at a variety of levels and adjusting to cause and effect. With the dedicated team at our facility, we can help you understand the way in which your child’s brain develops. Together, we will explore your child’s learning and brain development processes.

The growing brain

Before your child is born, there is already a fair amount of brain development which has taken place. The neurons in your baby’s brain are working constantly to create synapses. These are the links which information travels through within the brain and which contribute to peak mental growth in your child. These synapses need to be stimulated in your newborn so that the neurons are activated. With the help our experienced staff, your baby’s brain development can be enhanced.

Enhancing the learning experience

There are many ways in which to help your child learn and grow. One of the major ways is to play with your child. This play can include talking with or reading to your infant or physical play such as massage or gently moving the hands and feet. The impact that this interactive play process has on your child’s brain development is amazing. And while your infant is playing together with you, you are both forming an important bond.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of The Woodlands, Texas, has child and day care experts who can help you with your child’s optimal brain development. Contact us today to find out more about enhancing your child's learning experience at our learning academy. 

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